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How do you know if you have a site suitable for generating electricity?

There are two key components: VOLUME and HEAD

1. Volume.
You need flowing water and the more you have the more potential power you have. To measure the volume you need to know the width, depth and speed of flow. The speed of flow can be estimated by recording how long a tennis ball (for example) takes (in seconds) to travel over a given distance (in metres). Divide the distance by the time and you will have the flow rate in Metres per second.

The volume is calculated by the following simple equation-Depth (in metres) x Width (in metres) x flow rate(in Metres per second) = Volume(in cubic metres per second)

2. Head.
The water needs to drop or fall between 1 and 5 metres, the more the better Measure how far the water falls in metres and then use the following equation to estimate potential power – Volume x Head x 9.81 (Gravity) = Potential Energy in Kilowatts.

Most turbines work on an efficiency of 70% which would give you the expected output from the site. If your site has potential of 25kw or less, then a TASC Turbine could be the answer.

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